Entertaining with family is just a bit nicer outdoors.

Entertaining outdoors

There's no time like now to be outside. Our customers are investing more than ever before into their outdoor entertainment areas. TV, music, WiFi - even outdoor theaters... it's all great fun.  
   With the wide range of products we offer, placing the video screen is a matter of picking the spot you'd like to sit and calculating shadows and light. 
   When it comes to music in the yard, there are a few considerations. That’s because, when you have a large outdoor entertaining space with more than one seating area, there is not much for the sound to reflect. There are no walls or ceilings to place speakers and there is nothing to contain the sound; so there is nothing stopping it from being dissipated over the size of the area. if you want to achieve sound in all areas of the backyard, there are mainly two choices. Add a pair of large speakers that you play loud, or choose an option that provides an even level of sound across your outdoor living space using specially designer and inconspicuous in-ground or on-ground speakers. Although the first option may peek the interest of some, keep in mind that your neighbors will not be thrilled and your friends sitting closest to the speakers will not be able to hold a conversation. There are a new generation of in-ground speakers that perform wonderfully and for most yards, two speakers and a subwoofer are all that you'll ever need. Please contact us for a free consultation - we'll even bring the speakers samples to you!

We're here to help you with just about any home technology need. Do you need an update to your home network or outdoor WiFi? How about smart lighting or a new smart video doorbell? We handle those and literally hundreds of more home technologies. And we're right here in your neighborhood.
   We carefully select what we recommend. We look forward to testing new products to see how they stack up against our current product collections whether for indoor or outdoor use. Speaking of water resistant speakers, we work with a variety of American companies that make innovative outdoor speakers. Here's a surprise - these speakers can produce not only the best sound we've heard outdoors but they offer better performance than many indoor speakers. But don't take our word for it. We can arrange, where possible to bring a recommended speaker setup to your home for an actual demonstration right in your back yard. And while we're there, we can check on the best locations for outdoor TVs and make sure you have enough WiFi coverage for all your mobile devices. Give is a call to setup an appointment that works for you.

Remote system monitoring

We monitor, update and even fix your system from our offices.

The future of home technology is here today. Our systems are so smart that they can tell us what is needed for optimal performance and we can do many of the updates and fixes remotely, without having to visit your home. In fact, over two-thirds of our service work can now be done remotely. We can tell whether most of your network connected devices are up and running, the health of connected devices and whether your Internet service is up or down and even if you are getting all the speed you are paying for.
   All of our newly installed systems  come with remote capability. We can retrofit the technology into many existing systems as well. Our performance and service plans include a wide variety of benefits for your peace of mind. 

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and optional around-the-clock support plans.

You handle the work. We'll take care of the tech

Work at home? We got that.

As we slowly get back to a new normal, many are finding that work from home is not going away anytime soon. Flexible work is the future of work. With companies all over the world asking their employees to work from home, remote work has become the new standard for global businesses and enterprise employers. Some of the benefits of working from home for employers and employees can include improved well-being and lower costs... and less hours stuck in traffic.
   Work-at-home often comes with new tech requirements. These may involve special applications, enterprise-style computer setups and enhanced network security. And all of the changes put more demand on your network. Video conferencing, streaming videos and phone calls over the internet all require a higher level of network gear - dropouts and sluggish response won't cut it. Don't fret - One Touch Environments is staffed with home networking experts and stocked with the right gear. We can meet most work-at-home requirements that will keep your finicky IT director at bay. 

Touchless support and remote repair of your home system was a pipe dream just a few years ago. But since 2017, remote access products and solutions started to hit the market. Today, we can do 80% of your home technology system updates, maintenance and repairs right from our office. No appointments, no visits. Even better, these new technologies make your system smart enough to tell us when it's having issues - without you even needing to notify us that you found something amiss with the system.   With all these new capabilities, We're enhancing our remote and support plans to include new benefits including 24/7/365 staffing with response time that's measured in minutes. We''ll be reaching out to you over the coming weeks and months to choose a support plan for your home. If you'd like to be first up for the new services, just give us a call. 

Work at home? We got that.

A smarter home by One Touch Environments. Inconspicuous wall-mounted touchpads offer one-touch control, and a house-wide wireless network lets the owners’ tap the Internet so they can turn on a TV, set climate, adjust shades, check all or any of 15 security cameras or listen to music. And they can run the system using a phone or tablet from virtually anywhere in the world, be it on business in London, vacationing in Rio or traveling in their car. let's build your dream home!

We're here and ready to support your tech needs.Visit onetouchenvironments.com or contact us at 805.242.2450
for upgrades, service and new builds, and now, 24/7/365 support.