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Arroyo Grande, CA


One Touch Environments retrofitted my multi-media cave beautifully and seamlessly.

T. Toste
Arroyo Grande, CA

One of the most unique theaters in the world is located in Arroyo Grande, CA. Created by racing entrepreneur Tony Toste, the theater is actually part of the landscape.

As water flows off the side of the cave, it falls into a hidden spa, which in turn, flows into the pool. Think famous mansion. On the inside however, the theater is 20’ wide by 30’ in length complete with popcorn machine, theater seating and movie posters lining the wall. The acoustics are absolutely astounding inside. The cave is pitch black and completely immerses the viewer into the movie. This is the “Man Cave” at a whole new level.

After guests have enjoyed movies in the theater, the Sport’s Room’s 50” display and 5.1 Surround Sound System set up the experience for sporting events, movies and entertaining.

In the main house, the Living room’s 50 Plasma display is surrounded by four 20” LCD screens that can tune into separate channels, or more importantly, any of the eight security cameras surrounding the property. All cameras and what they’ve recorded can be accesses securely over the Internet 24 hours a day.

The Master Bedroom’s 50” plasma floats on an articulating arm in the entertainment center. The Marantz receiver supplies the 5.1 surround sound system with plenty of power and clarity.


  • Atlantic Technology P2000 Pre-amplifier
  • Atlantic Technology A2000 Amplifier
  • Atlantic Techonolgy’s Flagship 8200 Speakers
  • Atlantic Technology SA700 Subwoofer Amplifier
  • Sim2 Domino 30 Projector
  • Da-Lite Electric Screen
  • Panamax 5400
  • Harman Kardon DVD Player
  • Harman Kardon CD Carousel Player
  • Pioneer Plasma Display
  • Control4 Media Controller
  • Sony PS3 Blu-Ray player
  • Samsung Blu-Ray player
  • Leon Speakers 515 Horizon Speakers
  • Harman Kardon AVR Amplifier
  • Marantz Receiver
  • Proficient Audio C645 speakers
  • Proficient Audio C660 Speakers
  • RTI T3 Remote Controls

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